Acoustical Solutions

For over 30 year Fabric Wallcraft has been the industry leader in supplying and installing acoustical architectural finishes such as acoustical fabric panel systems for walls and ceilings, stretch ceiling systems and acoustical wood veneer panels. Over the years we provided aesthetically pleasing acoustical design solutions that benefited hundreds of interior spaces. Let us help you achieve your acoustical goals for your commercial and residential projects. We offer solutions for virtually any noise problem.


Barrisol® Acoustics line guarantees greater comfort and a better quality of life in a quieter environment thanks to its acoustic absorption. By absorbing the noise around you, Barrisol® helps reduce the noise level in any enclosed space. The physics of the sound absorption and the sheeting itself make Barrisol® Acoustics sheets an ideal sound absorption device. Micro-perforations transform the acoustic energy in thermal energy. The viscous friction created when the sound wave meets the air in the micro-perforations is accentuated by the resistance of the air volume enclosed between the material and the ceiling cavity. The technology built into Barrisol® Acoustics sheeting allows it to obtain spectacular acoustic results. The acoustic absorption coefficient of Barrisol® Acoustics depends on four factors: the diameter of the distance between the holes, the pattern of micro-perforation, the thickness of the sheet and the airspace behind the sheet and the ceiling above. These four factors allow a designer to choose the best Barrisol® Acoustics perforation style for their particular application.


The FabriTrak® system is a compilation of unique patented products that provide a method for using fabric as an acoustical architectural finish. It is a cost effective tool for creating and enhancing interior environments with function, form, color, texture and most importantly acoustics. FabriTrak® profiles may be installed on any surface or substrate: archways, ceilings, columns, doors, partitions, walls, etc. to form the framework into which the infill material is applied. Fabric is the last component of the FabriTrak® system. Once the track and infill are installed, the fabric is stretched taut and inserted into the retaining cavities. The FabriTRAK® System is an on-site installation system, engineered to accommodate the architectural and design professional’s creativity. It is a cost effective sound absorption tool for enhancing interior environments.

Murano Acoustics

Murano Acoustics™ presents your design trifecta…beautiful, durable and cost effective acoustic wood paneling solutions. As an architect or designer, freshness of design can be a distinct competitive advantage. That’s why Murano Acoustics™ offering new high quality design materials at attractive price points is so important. Murano Acoustics™’ mission is to help create beautiful and acoustically superior interiors utilizing the sustainability of natural wood.

Richter Akustik

Richter akustik & design GmbH & Co.’s Acoustic-Light Board product line offers a complete acoustical product with an NRC of .85 with no additional materials to be added such as acoustic absorbing materials. The panels are manufactured with over 98% post consumer recycled content and are available in your choice of wood veneer species, type of veneer cut, finish, perforations and patterns to suite your acoustic and design requirements. All of these customization features are available with extremely competitive pricing.



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