Light up your world

At Fabric Wallcraft we understand that interior lighting is essential for creating a functional and pleasing atmosphere in any environment. Light is the energy source that creates and sustains all life on the planet. Light allows all of us to reach our full potential at home and at work. With this purpose in mind Fabric Wallcraft offers a variety of lighting solutions to help design professionals achieve the look and feel they have envisioned for their projects. The wide range of styles and finishes are designed to fit virtually any décor.

Barrisol Products

Our Barrisol® product line welcomes the light in any interior space to create unique atmospheres. Although often overlooked, lighting systems often have a large impact on how a space feels to the occupant. Through the use of Barrisol®, architects and interior designers can now use technology to improve the way they light interior spaces and help reinforce their design intent. To achieve a translucent ceiling a Barrisol rail is installed around the perimeter of the opening. The lighting system either simple or complex is then installed within the ceiling above the rails. The Barrisol® sheet is then installed. Thanks to the synergy between all these components, the ideal lighting system for any space can now be designed quickly and easily.

Translucent Ceilings

Barrisol® translucent ceilings are a unique and innovative way to light and enhance interior space. The fixture becomes an architectural focal point that helps say something unique about a space. Barrisol® translucent ceilings can be adapted to all types of places to create specific lighting effects. They are ideal for traditional residential and commercial interior design applications. Translucent ceilings can also be used to provide crisp, clean light in manufacturing facilities, retail outlets, airports or hospitals.

Lumiere Panels

Barrisol® Lumiere® panels not only provide light for interior spaces, but they can also be printed which allows the reproduction on Barrisol® membranes of any type of patterns, images or logos. Every project can be personalized. With printed Barrisol®, the possibilities of decoration become infinite; the only limit is your imagination.

Colored Translucents

Unlike static design elements, Barrisol Colored Translucent creation can also change their own color and the color of any object around them by simply pushing a button. Barrisol translucent ceilings, walls, case ceilings, 3D lights and 3D forms can be animated by changing color. The light systems used to do this help give the space a rhythm, brighten the atmosphere, attract attention, highlight objects and places and completely change the ambiance of any space. The ability to change the color of the lighting allows you to change the look and feel of the interior space and set an entirely different tone for the room.

Modern Decor

Barrisol® provides tailored solutions to light the spaces according to your individual needs and to create a resolutely modern decor. Wells of light, light fixtures and lighting paths are but some of the unlimited possibilities Barrisol® sheets and systems offer.



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