Your Sound Solution

Exceeding Expectations

Successfully providing our customers with an uncompromising attention to detail and design, while delivering the most professional customer service and workmanship, has made Fabric Wallcraft an industry leader in the installation of high end architectural finishes for over 30 years. Here at Fabric Wallcraft, we treat each of our projects, large or small, as if it were our first and last, our only job. Our clients put their money and trust in our ability to meet the most stringent of aesthetic demands, and Fabric Wallcraft has separated itself from the pack by exceeding those expectations time and time again.


As a distributor and installer of architectural finishes, Fabric Wallcraft is Your Sound Solution!™, specializing in products that provide the end user with both beauty and function. The Barrisol® Stretch Ceiling system utilizes patented “Cadmium Free” vinyl membranes and unique lighting schemes to create unlimited design possibilities. With nine different textures and 150 colors to choose from, Barrisol® Stretch Ceilings are the architectural solution for the most discriminating of aesthetic demands. The FabriTrak® System is a cost effective tool for using a fabric finish to enhance an interior space through acoustical, absorptive or reflective wall panels. FabriTrak® panels are custom built on-site, engineered to accommodate the architectural or design professional’s creativity. 

30+ Years Experience

Since 1980, while being the sole licensed dealer of the FabriTrak® Wall System in Southern California, Fabric Wallcraft has assisted countless architects, designers, general contractors and end users during every phase of the construction process. From budgeting and design, to job site conditions and scheduling constraints, Fabric Wallcraft has a team member on hand ready to utilize the most current industry advancements and technology to ensure a smooth and timely installation.

Quality & Understanding

Having quality products is rarely enough to meet the expectations of our customers. In order to be successful in the interior construction industry, you must not only know your products inside and out, but also understand where you fit in the larger picture. As a finish contractor, not only will we be one of the last to begin installation, we know the delays of other trades are going to shrink the window of time available to us for our installation. We understand that time is money, and the customer needs to know that the project completion date is not going to be delayed because of us. This is where Fabric Wallcraft three decades of experience and industry leadership allow us to predict and avoid construction difficulties before they happen; helping to ensure the project is completed on time. 

Highly Trained

Our team of highly trained Project Managers and Superintendents review jobsite conditions several times prior to our installation, allowing us to maximize the time allotted to us. We also go to painstaking efforts to protect adjacent furniture and other finishes, fully appreciating the value of the many other investments the client has made throughout the space.

Unparalleled Service

From beginning to end, Fabric Wallcraft offers unparalleled customer service and attention to detail, giving full attention to the specific concerns that surround each individual project. Here we know that not only are no two projects the same, but no two clients are the same; by asking the right questions and listening to the answers, we can truly get to know the intent and goals of our clients. Understanding each customer’s primary concern makes it much easier for us to deliver exactly that. Whether it’s assisting with the design of the most elaborate and exclusive hotel in San Diego, or helping a home owner squeeze the most value out of a tight budget, Fabric Wallcraft is there. Working with you and for you. 



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