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Our acoustical product lines offer unlimited design options that acoustically enhance virtually any space.

Enjoy design flexibility with our extensive range of wall and ceiling products in order to create unique commercial and residential spaces. Stretch your imagination with the Barrisol® stretch ceiling systems available in 15 distinct finishes – lacquer, gloss metallic, satin, matte, translucent, brushed suede, custom printed, Creadesign®, acoustical perforated and others – and over 230 colors to choose from.

Create acoustically decorative walls and ceilings in virtually any desired look by using fabric as an architectural finish with FabriTRAK®. Design aesthetic and acoustically superior interiors utilizing the sustainability of natural wood with the Murano Acoustics™ paneling solutions. Explore new ways to manage light, provide privacy, and create unique looks for the window with Hunter Douglas Contract window coverings.


BARRISOL® has been the world leader in stretch ceilings for over 40 years. The Barrisol® products are functional, design and innovative solutions


FabriTRAK® is considered the industry leader in using fabric as an architectural finish for sound control. The FabriTRAK® System is an on-site...

Murano Acoustics

Murano Acoustics™'s range of wood acoustic panels creates a naturally aesthetic and sustainable solution to noise control.

Richter Akustik

For over 25 years, Richter akustik & design GmbH & Co. has provided innovative solutions to the interior design and timber trade...

Hunter Douglas

For more than 60 years, Hunter Douglas Contract window coverings have been used to create buildings that are comfortable, healthy, and productive...



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