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Control Your Sound

FabriTRAK® is considered the industry leader in using fabric as an architectural finish for sound control. The FabriTRAK® System is an on-site installation system, engineered to accommodate the architectural and design professional’s creativity. It is a cost effective sound absorption tool for enhancing interior environments. The Bartley Group is the exclusive FabriTRAK® distributor in California, Nevada and Arizona.

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Established Leader

FabriTRAK® was invented in 1977 and quickly became the market leader in providing upholstered and acoustical wall treatments and finishes throughout the United States.

Quality Assurance

FabriTRAK® performs rigorous trials and tests of each profile prior to bringing it to market; each profile meets the exacting standards of dimensional tolerances to ensure that the fit and finish of each and every FabriTRAK® wall and ceiling panel installation is perfect!

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Research & Development

FabriTRAK® maintains an aggressive research and development program to create innovative tools and products, such as the new line of .75 inch (19mm), 1.25 inch (32mm) TRAK®, and BIO-TRAK®. BIO-TRAK® evidences FabriTRAK® Systems, Inc’s environmental commitment by developing and manufacturing a line of FabriTRAK® that is biodegradable in landfill conditions. Along with the recycling and reclamation program, FabriTRAK® Systems, Inc. is leading the way to enabling sustainable fabric covered wall and ceiling panel systems. FabriTRAK®’s research & development programs are a direct response to the needs of the interior finish marketplace. FabriTRAK® heard the needs of clients and dealers around the globe and is making an active commitment to go ‘green’. BIO-TRAK® offers the client limitless creative designs in an acoustically sound environment, both inside and out.

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