At Fabric Wallcraft, we are Committed to Life Safety!™ We strive to protect the environment by promoting and installing product lines that contribute to preserving natural resources for future generations and minimizing the environmental impact. As a company we are dedicated to maintaining high quality, safety and environmental standards.

Our product lines consisting of stretch ceilings, acoustical fabric systems, acoustic wood panels and window coverings are designed to deliver considerable environmental benefits and may contribute to LEED.


The Barrisol® Stretch Ceilings sheets are 100% recyclable and reusable in various kind of products such as hoses, public benches and plastic products. The rail profiles and structures are also 100% recyclable. Moreover the Barrisol® “Recycled” product line is another step in the company’s commitment to sustainable development. The Recycled line of sheeting is made from actual recycled Barrisol® sheets. The Barrisol® Stretch ceilings are also cadmium free, and use 20 times fewer resources when compared to classic building materials and have a life span of more than 20 years. 


FabriTrak® Systems is also committed to the goal of making real and practical contributions toward a sustainable environment. FabriTrak® Systems has developed and implemented two important programs: the manufacturing of a bio-degradable track system – BioTrak™ – and a reclamation, recycling, and re-manufacturing program of the discarded FabriTrak®. 

Murano Acoustics

Murano Acoustics has partnered with Teragren to provide you with a wooden acoustical panel system that helps you achieve your environmental stewardship goals for your projects. The sustainable Murano Acoustics™ panel systems consist of formaldehyde free medium density fiberboard, renewable Teragren Bamboo veneer and TerraCore™ 100% recyclable cotton infill.

Richter Akustik

Richter akustik & design GmbH & Co. is also devoted to producing environmentally-friendly products. Not only do they use 100% recyclable materials, but the company is committed to utilizing post-consumer recycled materials in the creation of their products. Richter offers over 98% post consumer recycled content in all of the Acoustic-Lightboard products.

Hunter Douglas

The Window coverings from Hunter Douglas help manage light, heat, and energy at the building envelope, reducing the need for artificial lighting and cooling/heating. As part of an overall building plan, solutions from Hunter Douglas may contribute to LEED certification. The “Hunter Douglas Potential LEED Contributions” document below introduces some potential areas for investigation.



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